Italian factory Cafissi – one of the most successful European furniture manufacturers

A history that began in 1948 with Rolando’s skill and creativity and from whose hands wooden sculptures of rare beauty and harmony were born. 

Soon his shop in Borgo San Jacopo, in the historic heart of Florence, where he began his artistic adventure, became the center of intense activity with furniture and classic furniture pieces where carving and decoration were the prevailing style. 

Later his daughter and grandchildren followed in his footsteps, providing a new impetus to the furniture business with a wide selection of furniture for daytime and nighttime coordinated with one another, rich in detail and design solutions for every taste.

The materials used in  production (wood-iron- surrogates) are the result of accurate selection which ensures the highest product quality. 

Solid jeloutong or Swiss pine wood, and in some cases surrogate elements, are used for the carved parts. Shading is done strictly by hand using craftsmen’s techniques, with totally natural water tempera, glaze and painting.

Gilding is done using true or false gold and silver sheets, with ‘’guazzo’’ or ‘’missione’’ technique. 



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