The Luxury Interni Company was the official sponsor of the Film Festival MIRFF-2017.

The participants and guests of the festival were actor Pyotr Fedorov, actresses Irina Bezrukova, Ieva Andreevayte, Irina Verbitskaya, Ksenia Buravskaya, director Ivan Tverdovsky, producers Natalya Mokritskaya, Aram Movsesyan, Ruben Dishdishyan, Dmitry Ruzhentsev; Director of the company "Kinofest" Julia Bragina. Honored trainer of the Russian Federation Tatyana Tarasova, who brought up 11 Olympic champions in figure skating. she was visiting the MIRFF-2017 as an honorable guest.

At the fifth international festival of Russian cinema in Marbella the owners of the bronze statuette of the "director-matador" created by the Spanish sculptor Pedro Rodriguez:

Dmitry Ruzhentsev - Prize for the best producer's decision, the film "Collector";

Armenian composer Aiko - Prize for the best music, the film "Earthquake";

Film "Doctor", director Gosha Kutsenko - Audience Award;

Petr Fedorov - Best actor, films "Duelist" and "Icebreaker";

Irina Verbitskaya - Best actress, the film "Wake me";

Nikolay Khomeriki - Prize for the best direction, the film "Icebreaker";

The film "Zoology" - Best film, producer Natalia Mokritskaya, director Ivan Tverdovsky.

This is fifth, jubilee, film festival was held in the Spanish city of Marbella on March 6-11, 2017.